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song of the day

the strokes | macu picchu

new strokes | under cover of darkness

can’t stop listening to this. 

happy monday & here’s to my successful purchase of a friday ACL pass, FINALLY get to see the strokes live. 

the strokes | hard to explain

acl 2010 lineup



holy effing crap. in spite of the fact that the eagles are headlining (i hate the eagles) i wanna go this year, so bad! plus, i’ve been waiting years to see the verve pipe…

did anyone else spy the strokes on this lineup…because I did.  and you said it jess, I better see you in austin.


song of the day

the strokes | evening sun

after seeing julian twice in one week, it’s only natural that I’ve got him on the brain (what else is new?).  love, love, love you JC!  you killed it in dallas and reallyfuckingkilled it at coachella.  I’ve never been happier to be packed into a large tent with sweaty drunk strangers in 90 degree heat. 


the big 2-9 is today…happy birthday to me!

you only live once | the strokes

Why Strokes Front Man Julian Casablancas Is Still Our Definitive Rock Star | New York Magazine

new stokes album soon?  god I hope so…

you only live once | the strokes

ok seriously…if anyone has any single friends that look like, sound like, and dress like julian, I’m going to need you to send them this way.