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for my austin friends.
(lookin at you, tata)

for my austin friends.

(lookin at you, tata)

french punk rock + fireworks + a guillotine = best bastille day ever

happy quatorze juillet to my fellow famille française! 

because I’m half french (and because everyone loves an excuse to drink), I will be posted up somewhere tonight with a crisp glass of perrier-jouët to celebrate bastille day; all the while wishing I was in Austin.  because the real party (outside of paris) is at one of my FAVE places, Justine’s Brasserie.  check it:

Justine’s celebrates freedom, and liberty, and independence for everyone on Bastille day!

French punk rock, cake, fireworks, kisses, red white and blue cocktails, a true to god guillotine, and YOU- come dressed up…

Prom dresses, nautical, punk rock, think french revolution, suffragette, bows and ribbons, ANYTHING RED WHITE and BLUE, darlings.

Party Starts at 10pm with the Carrots, and “Josephine Baker” as a special guest, and continues with Pierre’s french punk band Les Cran d’arrets.

DAMN IT I can’t believe I’m going to miss this. If you are in Austin, get your sweet ass over there and ring in this special fête nationale.  suffragette dress and a guillotine, I’m dying here….

Justine’s Brasserie | 4710 East 5th Street, Austin, TX | www.justines1937.com

acl 2010 lineup



holy effing crap. in spite of the fact that the eagles are headlining (i hate the eagles) i wanna go this year, so bad! plus, i’ve been waiting years to see the verve pipe…

did anyone else spy the strokes on this lineup…because I did.  and you said it jess, I better see you in austin.