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local natives | sun hands

sad that we missed this show at coachella…but so happy we caught them at sons of hermann hall last week.  met the band, got my record signed…good times. 

love this song.  about 3:30 into it is the best. 

some coachella inspiration from etsy…

my music festival wardrobe (and overall summer wardrobe, actually) always seems to involve a native american theme.  coachella was no exception…in fact, about 80% of the ladies were barefoot with feathers in their hair.  there’s just something about festivals and what they stand for - you finally stop checking emails and voicemail and embrace the freedom of “becoming one” with the music, nature and people around you. 

to get the right pieces for such a look, my fave place to turn to is etsy.  awesome finds here, and you’re supporting some great artists (sometimes you get lucky enough to support locals - even better).  I stumbled upon some kick ass shops, one being coyote phoenix.  fell.  in.  love.  (especially with thefuckingcoyoteheaddress, DIE.) I think you will too. 

some of my fave finds… 

summer hawk / blue feather earrings $25 {coyote phoenix}

coyote headdress $185 {coyote phoenix}

vintage feather headdress $30 {bumbleebuck}

imogen feather head piece $35 {lovemenot23}

the hippie fringe necklace $34 for blue; $25 for coral {the natural land}

tribe true women’s belt $36 {the natural land}  *would totally wear this belt low on my hips with some dusty skinny jeans!*

the communal feathers headband $18 {the natural land}

free child headband $26 {the natural land}

julian casablancas | out of the blue

another fave performance from last weekend. this video doesn’t do this performance justice…especially around 3:00 in, we all kind of went nuts. 

I miss Jules (and Cali) already….

the dead weather | treat me like your mother

one of the best performances from coachella.  about 2:00 in they killlll it. 

side note - after reviewing this set online,  thank god we were all too f’d up to notice the vocal effects jack had alllll night.  ok for a song or 2…. but omfg, the whole set was a little much. 

in the long run WHOOO cares, love, love, love jack and VV. 

may 2010 = new dead weather, the national, black keys, sleigh bells…whew!

may is going to be a great month for music lovers.  especially the 11th!  music. overload.  PS how in love with the national’s cover art are you??  

the national {high violet} coming 5.11

the dead weather {sea of cowards} out 5.11.  from what I heard and saw at coachella…this album is going to be amazing. 

sleigh bells {treats} also out 5.11. I don’t know about you guys, but “ring ring” has been in my head since I heard it.  no cover art to be found yet…

the black keys {brothers} out 5.18.  can.  not.  wait. 


song of the day

the strokes | evening sun

after seeing julian twice in one week, it’s only natural that I’ve got him on the brain (what else is new?).  love, love, love you JC!  you killed it in dallas and reallyfuckingkilled it at coachella.  I’ve never been happier to be packed into a large tent with sweaty drunk strangers in 90 degree heat. 

i heart you all

WOW.  I leave for coachella and come back to 20 new followers, which is amazing since I’ve neglected you all and haven’t posted a thing since I left.  I’ll start posting now that I’m not running around the desert with feathers in my hair…SO much to show you now that I’m back and have been surrounded by so much love and creativity for 5 days.  hang tight!! 




I’ve totally neglected posting my coachella top 10…

6 days to go!  today’s song = local natives | wide eyes.  I think I’ve had this song on repeat all day.  love. 


countdown clock reads 9 days…

coachella 10 day countdown song #2

julian casablancas {with the always amazing danger mouse & sparklehorse} | little girl

day 10, song 1 = she & him - why do you let me stay here?

because we’ve officially reached the 10 day mark until sunny indio,  I bring you my coachella “song a day for the remaining 10 days” countdown. 

I’d like to add that these are in no particular order…I’m not in the mood to hear from snobby hipsters pissed off bc I posted MGMT in the “top ten”.  these are just 10 random songs that I’m excited to see live on the feed.  to keep my brain from short circuiting (there could have been a coachella 100 days countdown with this lineup…) they’ll be chosen pretty last minute. 

and so we kick this off with she & him, the adorable duo of zooey deschanel & m. ward.  this video makes me happy, and I have a feeling that taking it in on day one with a crisp beer and the desert sun on my back will too.  enjoy!