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new black keys awesomeness | lonely boy


fitz & the tantrums | don’t gotta work it out

I’ve had this song in my head for weeks. 


song of the day

breakbot | baby I’m yours

happy friday! 


song of the day

the strokes | macu picchu


song of the day

taper jean girl | kings of leon

my boys finally have a new album, so happy right now.

and this video is amazing.  enjoy, you’re welcome. 

“Good people, please note, not unlike birthing a baby, or baking a batch of cookies, or picking grapes for wine, sometimes things need just a little bit more time to cook to come out just so. So our deluxe vinyl’s maturity date will be slightly different then the other formats. But please know that our corps. of engineers and experts have been on this, making sure the wait is worth it and that I can personally tell you that in my humble opinion, the test pressing of the vinyl sounded banging on my home hi fi.” - Mike D


happy birthday robert smith! 

the cure | love song


tonight.  d y i n g. 

the kills | u.r.a. fever


for joey

the ramones | i wanna be sedated

I could stare at people’s polaroid galleries for hours…and I do.  so you can imagine how many MORE hours I spend perusing when the curators are alison mosshart + jamie hince of the kills.  check it:

The Kills have a passion for art in general and specifically Polaroid. Kicking off the Blood Pressures tour at SXSW, Allison and Jamie will be documenting their tour and uploading it here. So check back for new galleries on a regular basis. In the mean time they’ve shared some amazing photos from the past.

even more reason to love them. PS if you haven’t checked out their new album, blood pressures, get on it.  seriously the best work I’ve heard from them to date.  amazing. 

had to close with that jack white shot, duh….